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YOGA Set of practices derived from this ancient discipline, oriented for people who practice them to obtain more and better mastery of their bodies, on the one hand, and on the other side mental concentration.
INITIAL YOGA Yoga exercises for beginners.
YOGA -FIT 45 minutes of cardiovascular excercises and 45 minutes of Yoga and Stretching.
PILATES Pilates is a method of exercise and physical movement designed to stretch, strengthen and balance the body. systematic practice of specific exercises coupled with breathing patterns.
STEP/TONING Cardio workout to burn calories and good muscle tone. After a few minutes of cardio routine follows a series of exercises to tone your arms, shoulders, legs, thighs and abdomen.
POWER TONING Toning exercises and muscle strength throughout the body.
GAP Set of exercises dedicated to strengthening and toning glutes, abs and legs.
AGUAGYM/AQUAFIT/AQUAFIT PLUS Aerobic variant that is done in the pool, which doubles the effects of exercise.
BOOTCAMP Military-style training, with intense preparation and basic exercises, which results in a higher level of strength, coordination and psychological resistance.
CORE+SPINE Toning exercises for back and abdominals.
FUNCTIONAL Circuit of cardiovascular and toning exercises.
CROSSOVER      Mix of Bootcamp and Functional.
GLUTEOS+ CORE GAP variant but with smoother movements.
TRX Series of exercises that use body weight that develops functional strength while improving flexibility, balance and stability of the central part of the body.
SWIMMING ADULTS Physical conditioning as well as the learning and the refinement of  the swimming technique
ZUMBA A combination of aerobic exercises with latin rhythms.
RUNNING CLASS The main goal of this class is to get you moving.
CARDIO ABS Cardio movements burn calories effectivly while focusing on abdominals in order to help to burn the fat of the belly rapidly.

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