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Prepare your skin for facial treatments with a basic cleaning. Specific products to thoroughly cleanse the skin, excess fat, accumulations of dead cells and the remains of contaminants (tobacco, dust, smoke, etc.), thus balancing the PH of your skin.


Deep cleansing of the skin. For improving and detoxifying all skin types for an optimum level of hydration and luminosity. Perfect preparation of the skin for more specific treatments.

50 minutes - 65 €

All our facial treatments include a cleaning, a vitamine and mineral input and hydrating products. A masage in which we work on the face, the neck and neckline, the shoulders and the head, with a mask and final cream. Getting a hydrated, nourished and bright skin with a special relaxation for body and mind.



Basic and deep facial hygiene for your skin. Facial hygiene helps to remove impurities from the skin, excess fat, accumulations of dead cells and traces of contaminants (snuff, dust, smoke, etc.). An essential step for your face to look fresh and healthy. The craniofacial massage helps to reduce stress applying different therapeutic massage techniques like chinese, ayuveda or cranial osteopathy. Among it’s various benefits, this massage relaxes the mind and helps concentration.

80 minutes - 95 €



Our professionals through an extensive and sensitive study of your skin, whether male or female, you will receive a personalised and unique treatment.

A wide range of products with collagen, elastin, nutrients... give the skin elasticity and firmness. The mixture of active ingredients, vitamins and minerals with antioxidants and restorative action, return the balance of light, protecting it from external agents and preventing skin aging.

50 minutes - 109 €



Intensive regeneration of the skin. Treatment designed to correct damage caused by the passage of time reducing expression lines and preventing ageing. Tones muscles, leaving skin feeling nourished and luminous.

80 minutes - 130 €


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