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An awakening of the senses... An exquisite combination of different massages, using water and hydration techniques  to rejuvanate your skins beauty and luminosity by eliminating stress.

All our Rituals include the Thermal Area  for 120 minutes.



The Biznaga Flower - one of the most popular symbols of Málaga, composed of Jasmine, has a sedative effect, anti-inflammatory and a sweet aroma that captivates you. After receiving the exquisite massage with the Jasmine candle and Water Lily wrap, we end with a customized bath.

You will receive a record of this treatment so that if you desire, you can come back and evoke this marvelous experience.

110 minutes - 119 €



An experience that begins with a bath of salts and essential oils designed to soothe and calm, followed by application of heat on the back that eliminates tension, relieving muscle spasms and pain. Then enjoy a massage with volcanic stones to feel a profound sense of wellbeing.

80 minutes - 109 €



Alleviating muscle tension and restoring vitality. This treatment consists of a black sea mud body wrap with draining properties that improve circulation, while enjoying a facial and head massage that relaxes the mind. This ritual continues with a water massage directed at specific sequences on the body, that tones and eliminates tension, then finishes with a personalized massage.

80 minutes - 119 €



An experience for your senses. With aroma, vitamines and texture of saffron resin or cinnamon combined with mussles we provide a relaxing massage. Body wrap and facial mask bring Brightness and eliminate the stress.

80 minutos – 109 €



An experience that combines a full body exfoliation with a gentle peeling, and removal with a water massage aimed at specific sequences of the body. With relaxing circling movements we apply a firming, nourishing cream that provides freshness and elasticity to the skin. We then end with a personalised facial executing immediate effect.

110 minutes - 175€


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